29: Time Saving Hacks for Getting Dressed in the Morning

29: Time Saving Hacks for Getting Dressed in the Morning

Do you ever struggle with the age old question when you're looking through your closet each morning "Why don't I have anything to wear?" even though you're looking at a fully stocked closet? We get it , we do it too, but we decided to make some changes to make our lives easier. In today's episode, you'll learn a bunch of great ways to save time while getting dressed, and hey, you'll look cute too!   Today you'll learn:  1. How to prepare the night before for success 2. Ways to make your closet more Clueless worthy (come on, you remember the 90's movie!) 3. Why Dresses are the ultimate outfit (also, hello, pockets!) 4. 6 items you NEED in your closet (and how you can wear them) 5. and more of course!   We guarantee that if you follow some of our tips, you'll find loads of inspiration hanging RIGHT in your own closet. As busy women, we don't have a lot of time to struggle with what we're going to wear, so we hope you leave feeling inspired to switch up your getting dressed routine and feel like the confidant woman we know you are.   Did you love today's episode? Make sure you screen shot it and tag us on Instagram @ohwellpodcast   For more inspiration from your Oh, Well gals, come follow along!  Connect with our Podcast page on Instagram @ohwellpodcast Connect with Danae on Instagram @thesimplifiedmama Connect with Monica on Instagram @dirtybombshells  --- Send in a voice message:

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