30: Weight loss tips for when you don't have time

30: Weight loss tips for when you don't have time

We totally get it ladies, working out and eating healthy is super important but sometimes our calendars take over and we just don't get that work out in or meal plan in time, and then we feel like failures and just don't do anything at all! Then the cycle keeps going. Today we're giving you tangible tips and advice to lose weight and feel great, no matter what size you are, when you really feel like you don't have time. Today you'll learn: 1. How to organize your schedule to prioritize your health 2. Why meal prep doesn't have to be all that hard (or boring!) 3. The best time of day to work out 4. What foods to ditch now 5. Why forgetting to eat is a bad habit and more! We know that weight loss, fitness routines and nutrition can seem daunting at times, but when you have a good plan, you can crush your weight loss goals like the total boss you are. Did you love today's episode? Make sure you screen shot it and tag us on Instagram @ohwellpodcast For more inspiration from your Oh, Well gals, come follow along! Connect with our Podcast page on Instagram @ohwellpodcast Connect with Danae on Instagram @thesimplifiedmama Connect with Monica on Instagram @dirtybombshells --- Send in a voice message:

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