Wellness Byte: This is how we....chill

Wellness Byte: This is how we....chill

Welcome to another edition of Wellness Bytes, our mini episodes, where we break down health and wellness trends, easy tips for the everyday girl, and more, in under 15 minutes.    On today's Byte, we're continuing our fun new feature called "This is how we" and today, it's all about how we Chill. We're spilling all the tea on how we each like to celebrate our down time. What we're watching. Do we like alone time? What is our perfect chill day? Come have a listen and find our all our secrets and maybe you'll also find a new way to chill yourself!   Oh Well Instagram: @ohwellpodcast  Danae's Instagram: @thesimplifiedmama Monica's Instagram: @dirtybomshells --- Send in a voice message:

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