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One MANS Opinion: Episode 10 – Quarantine Life

One MANS Opinion: Episode 10 – Quarantine Life

 Jeff understands people are bored in their houses right now but we have to think about other people. Jeff already personally knows 11 people who have come down with coronavirus and it’s no joke. Some of them are already hospitalized because of it. So do your part, stay inside and God bless all you guys right now who are working on the frontlines. This week’s episode focuses on the post-free-agency NFL football rankings and some of Jeff’s favorite guys in Football right now. Key Takeaways:[1:45] Like this podcast? Tell a friend![2:40] April Fools is for fools.[4:35] Do the right thing and stay inside.[4:55] Jeff personally knows 11 people who have come down with coronavirus.[8:40] Thank you for working during this time to keep the world spinning. We are relying on a lot of people right now to help us put food on the table.[10:30] What are you guys doing now that you’re on lockdown?[12:25] Jeff has gotten back into horse racing.[14:30] You don’t need good cards to win poker and you don’t need good cards to win at life![15:55] EliteFantasy also has e-sports games happening![21:15] It’s a bad time for a lot of us out there and businesses are folding. Jeff isn’t going to get a paycheck until maybe, hopefully, August because he wants to pay his people first.[24:55] Got kids at home right now? Jeff’s wife was a school teacher and has some tips for you.[31:30] Jeff is loving his poker games right now and he isn’t even playing with real money.[31:50] Jeff thinks baseball season is coming around 4th of July weekend.[36:10] Fantasy Guru has a new series out called The Next _____, which will be giving you an analysis on the underdogs with potential to be the next big stars in sports.[37:00] Jeff gets into his post-free-agency NFL rankings.[43:00] Jeff really likes Joe Mixon and sees a bright future for Cincinnati.[43:10] Let’s take a look at the quarterback rankings.[50:35] Jeff lists his wide receiver rankings.[58:40] Next up in the rankings are the tight ends. Promo code: Radio20Jeff on Twitter Quotes: “I’m not trying to be right, I am trying to be healthy.” “You got to play the hand you’re dealt, no matter what it is. You decide every hand how you’re going to win and how you’re going to lose.” “Number two wide receiver, that spot is still up for grabs. I still have DeAndre Hopkins.”

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