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One MANS Opinion: Episode 11 – Football Drugs And Rock & Roll

One MANS Opinion: Episode 11 – Football Drugs And Rock & Roll

 Bob Harris joins Jeff Mans on this week’s podcast to discuss how he got started in fantasy football. It wasn’t an easy road. He was living with his grandmother at 38 to try and make this work. No one really believed in him and he started becoming that crazy guy with deluded dreams. Bob believes the reason why this all worked out for him was that he was just too stupid to quit. He also shares his weight-loss journey and why he decided to make a change for the better and improve his health. Key Takeaways:[2:15] Has Bob ever been in quarantine before?[5:55] You don’t really know what you’re made of until you’re pushed to the wall.[6:55] Football draft? How effective is the NFL season going to be?[10:35] We are hungry for sports.[13:20] How did Bob get into sports?[17:55] Was Bob ever in a band? He’s an incredible musician.[21:55] Why was Bob such a rebellious kid? Bob doesn’t understand moderation.[25:15] Bob used to run with a lot of seedy characters. He’s thankful he never tried heroin.[27:00] Truth is, you’re not going to fool anybody by pretending to be someone you’re not.[31:55] Did Bob ever hit rock bottom? What made him decide to change his trajectory?[35:00] How did Bob get into fantasy football?[42:10] When did Bob realize there was a business model in fantasy football?[47:20] It was a tough road to make this business work, but Bob was too stupid to quit.[54:20] Everything Bob has earned didn’t come without hardship. Bob really is a pioneer in a lot of ways for the fantasy football industry.[58:20] Bob has gone through an amazing weight loss journey.[1:00:50] Bob was ashamed of his weight. He didn’t want to be seen.[1:03:25] Sometimes, all you have to do is put in 1 minute of exercise. It starts with small steps. You can’t go from 0 to 100 overnight.[1:04:50] Create a process and always make it better, just one day at a time.[1:05:55] It’s not hard, it’s just persistence.[1:08:00] There are a lot of great people who just get discouraged way too easily.[1:11:35] Things are moving really fast, currently. So, we’ll see what will happen five months from now, when football season starts![1:12:50] Bob would listen to Jeff’s show on SiriusXM and would be blown away over the stories he would tell.[1:23:00] Any interesting prospects for the NFL Draft?[1:30:00] Bob shares what he’s doing differently now that he is in quarantine! Promo code: Radio20Jeff on TwitterFootballdiehards.comBob on Twitter Quotes: “What leads to rebellion is what leads to everything I’ve done and everything I still do. I have no moderation gear.” “You’re lying to people, but ultimately, you’re really lying to yourself.” “I knew at some point, fantasy football would be the biggest thing on earth. There was no doubt in my mind.” 

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