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One MANS Opinion: Episode 12 – NFL Draft QB Rankings

One MANS Opinion: Episode 12 – NFL Draft QB Rankings

 There are a lot of things going on in the world today, so let’s just focus on some fun NFL Draft QB Rankings. Jeff has his top ten picks and discusses some of the NFL Draft Rankings he’s had in the past. He keeps them all in a file, so if you have any doubts or questions, call him out on it on Twitter and he’ll tell you who he was rooting for, way back when! Key Takeaways:[3:15] Jeff knows 12 people now who are positive for COVID-19 and one of them has already passed away.[6:00] Jeff is tired of winning at poker over at Elite Sports Betting. So come get in on the action.[6:55] Jeff thinks TikTok is the best social media platform out there![9:00] Okay, why is Tua Tagovailoa a top two draft pick?[11:55] Jeff’s opinion on Twitter will change![15:40] Because Jeff is in this industry, he has to watch all the players, not just the favorites. So many people in this industry take the easy way out and don’t form their own opinions.[19:10] Don’t be a sheep. Put in the work and form your own opinions.[24:15] Jeff’s biggest miss on a quarterback was Russell Wilson. He didn’t like him at first.[30:55] Jeff is not crazy about Josh Allen for Buffalo, but he’s still waiting to see where he goes.[34:55] Jeff shares his thoughts on Dak Prescott.[37:00] Everyone hated Daniel Jones! But Jeff did like him.[41:35] Jeff shares his thoughts on EJ Manuel in 2013.[43:45] Top ten quarterbacks for the 2020 draft.[44:00] Let’s talk about Joe Burrow.[50:20] Jeff likes Jordan Love.[58:10] Let’s take a look at Tua Tagovailoa.[55:05] Some promise in Justin Herbert.[1:07:25] Jake Fromm… Some likes and dislikes here.[1:09:10] Jaylin Hertz from Oklahoma is six on Jeff’s list.[1:11:50] Steven Montez is up next.[1:14:40] Jeff loves Riley Neal’s potential.[1:17:10] Jacob Eason. Talented kid.[1:19:30] Jeff is excited to see where James Morgan will go.[1:23:00] Like this podcast? Share it with a friend! Promo code: Radio20Jeff on Twitter Quotes: “If you ever want to hit me up at Twitter or wherever and say, ‘Hey what did you think, 2013, football rankings? NFL draft previews.’ Well, I got the running back position for Marcus Lattimore of South Carolina.” “Russell Wilson, I didn’t buy into him for a year. I will tell you very little has changed in my opinion. He does a lot of things wrong. Like, a lot.” “Dak Prescott. Wasn’t a heavily recruited guy, was not sought-after in his class. I thought he was a starter in a national football league.”

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