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One MANS Opinion: Episode 14 – NFL Draft Grades

One MANS Opinion: Episode 14 – NFL Draft Grades

 Jeff gets Armando Marsal to help him go through the NFL Draft Grades for all 32 teams. Jeff shares his top draft picks, but be warned! He is a harsh draft picker. Armando weighs in his thoughts on what some of these teams did right and others… not so much. Bad trades, bad team matches happening all around in the NFL, but there is a silver lining!Key Takeaways:[1:10] Armando and Jeff talk about TikTok. [5:15] Join — to see more of Jeff, Armando, and the rest of the Fantasy Guru family.[6:45] Everyone is craving sports right now.[10:55] Any opportunity the NFL can do to expand their season, they’re going to do it.[11:15] Jeff isn’t normally impressed by Roger Goodell, but this time around he really showed his worth during the NFL Draft.[14:55] Agree or disagree on these draft grades? Hit Armando & Jeff up on Twitter.[15:25] Let’s talk the 49ers.[18:40] 2020 running backs: Raheem Mostert or Tevin Coleman?[20:55] Who will be the backup quarterback for the Saints? Also thoughts on Jameis Winston?[24:05] Jeff gives out seven As in this draft out of the 32 teams. Three A+, two standard As, and two A-.[24:20] Who does Armando think deserves an A+?[25:30] Denver Broncos deserve an A+![30:40] The problem with grading is that most people grade biasedly. They don’t know enough about the players to make a good enough call.[32:40] Ravens. Another A+.[35:15] New York Jets A+.[39:25] The Colts with a standard A.[43:35] Cleveland Browns also another A.[47:35] Detroit lions A-.[51:15] Miami Dolphins A-.[57:35] Let’s take a look at Jeff’s B-tier teams. New York Giants at B+.[1:00:45] Tampa Bay Buccaneers B+.[1:04:40] Kansas City Chiefs B+.[1:06:35] Cincinnati Bengals B.[1:10:30] Redskins B.[1:12:25] Minnesota Vikings B.[1:15:35] Tennessee Titans B-.[1:17:40] San Francisco 49ers B-.[1:19:45] New Orleans Saints B-.[1:22:55] Seven Teams got a C rating. Three C+, two Cs, and two C-. Arizona Cardinals C+.[1:25:20] Buffalo Bills C+.[1:27:55] Dallas Cowboys C+.[1:30:25] The standard Cs — Panthers and Jaguars.[1:34:15] C- both the Chargers and the Rams. Just blaaaahhh.[1:38:55] Nine Teams left. Four have D tier ratings and five got Fs.[1:39:05] D+ for Steelers and Eagles.[1:45:05] Seattle Seahawks get a D.[1:47:30] D- New England Patriots.[1:51:15] F+ to the Greenbay Packers.[1:55:15] Oakland Raiders F+.[1:59:40] Chicago Bears and Atlanta Falcons both get Fs.[2:01:35] The worst draft out of everybody? Houston Texans F-. Promo code: Radio20Fanlinksports.comJeff on TwitterArmando on Twitter Quotes: “I’m all the way freaking in on the Cleveland Browns Offensive 2020.” “I’m in the minority when it comes to Miami Dolphin fans. I do not think Tua is the Dolphin’s quarterback of the future. I hope I’m wrong.” “Less is not always more and in fact, many many times, more is worse. So take a page from the Saints. You don’t need to overhaul everything.”

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