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One MANS Opinion: Episode 15 – My Life With Depression

One MANS Opinion: Episode 15 – My Life With Depression

 Jeff wanted to take a break from sports right now to talk about depression. He has experienced bouts of this growing up and even in adult life. He wanted to talk to you about it because he knows that being locked up in your house for two months probably means you might be struggling and feeling down. He hopes you are taking care of yourself and shares his story.Key Takeaways:[1:50] Jeff takes a break from sports for today.[2:30] UFC 249 is back this Saturday and NASCAR is a week away![4:05] Let’s talk about depression… something Jeff has suffered from throughout his life.[8:30] Depression affects everything in your life. Family, friendships, work, and health.[13:20] Jeff’s mom tried to kill herself. She might have been bipolar.[20:15] Jeff remembers when a group of his friends turned on him and beat the hell out of him. He lost two of his teeth. The whole world changed for him that day.[23:00] It was a terrible time. Jeff was getting beat up every day and even had a steel toe boot break his nose.[28:55] Time to get real, Jeff shares a story he hasn’t told anybody else before.[35:15] If you’re ever been in a deep, deep depression or going through it now. Things will get better.[38:50] You don’t know what other people are growing through. So talk to everybody and do not judge.[40:00] Jeff getting beaten up every single day was the best thing that ever happened to him.[44:05] It made Jeff realize he had to work really hard at his friendships and be very appreciative and grateful for the people in his life.[47:55] Don’t worry about what the neighbors have. Worry about yourself.[48:40] Be who you are and be proud of who you are.[51:10] every time Jeff shows appreciation in his life, every time, it comes back to him positively. [56:15] Secret of life: Ask people how they’re doing. And Listen.[1:02:00] Happiness is toxic. When you boost people up, your life improves. Surround yourself with positive people. Promo code: Radio20Fanlinksports.comJeff on TwitterJeff’s article The NFL Draft: 2015–2019 Quotes: “Two months of quarantine has a lot of people feeling bummed, down, depressed, sad. So this is the time to tackle the topic.” “I didn’t know I was depressed. I grew up in a depressed environment.” “Things will get better. Don’t give up on your future. Don’t give up on all the greatness that can happen in your life.”

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