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One MANS Opinion: Episode 16 – What’s Up with Elite Fantasy?

One MANS Opinion: Episode 16 – What’s Up with Elite Fantasy?

 Some changes have been happening over at the and Jeff wanted to take some time to clear the air and lay down some of his plans for the future. The good news is sports is back and Elite Fantasy is doing better than ever! Here are some of the upcoming changes happening in 2020 and beyond. Key Takeaways:[3:00] Thank you for all the supportive feedback about last week’s episode about Jeff’s struggle with depression.[4:45] Follow up topic: We need to be able to identify when we’re going through a depressed time for us and be open/honest about it.[6:25] If you’re not aware of what you’re going through, you can end up becoming a very angry and lonely person.[9:45] Sports are backkkkkkk!!![16:10] Is it that big of a deal if you can’t go to a football game? Football was made for TV.[21:45] Why are stadiums designed like sardine cans? Jeff prefers sitting in his big comfy chair at home.[23:45] What’s happening with Elite Fantasy? Jeff explains why they have three websites.[36:55] Even though some people on Jeff’s team have left, there will be some great, great upcoming addictions to the team in the future. Jeff and his team know good talent when they see it.[48:45] Jeff will be changing up how the company will be running social media![59:25] If something doesn’t directly affect you, then why care about it? Promo code: Radio20Fanlinksports.comJeff on Twitter Quotes: “All great analysts and people always want more and Tommy G. always wanted to be famous!” “Use our network of people, use us however you can to get ahead in your own life.” “Don’t worry about our politics or our religious takes, why would you care? I’m going to make you a winner in seasonal fantasy football this year.” 

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