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One MANS Opinion: Episode 7 – When Jeff Met Ted

One MANS Opinion: Episode 7 – When Jeff Met Ted

They’ve been friends, co-workers, business owners and the most recognizable duo in fantasy sports radio for 25+ years. Now you get to hear the stories of how they met, why they decided to work with each other and what it is like co-hosting with a polar opposite. From the early days of Ted’s backyard parties to the stories of Jeff almost dying, you must hear the true uncensored story of how Mans met Schuster. Ted Schuster has been Jeff’s childhood friend for over 25 years. They have grown up together, they’ve experienced a lot of hardship together, and they’re even in business together. Jeff first met Ted at Walmart, back when they were getting paid $7 bucks an hour! Ted and Jeff talk about when they both knew this friendship was the real thing and take a trip down memory lane.Key Takeaways:[1:25] What is happening to Tommy G?[4:00] When things fall apart, you end up seeing everyone’s true colors.[4:45] How is Ted dealing with the coronavirus?[8:15] There’s going to be way more crime and broken homes because of this virus.[10:25] Ted’s mom had it rough and he learned how to survive from the chaos going around in his house.[11:15] Fair doesn’t exist in life or even in nature.[11:40] Where did Ted grow up?[15:50] How did Ted get into sports?[18:00] Ted as a teenager… well, he got arrested.[21:55] What was Ted’s first impression of Jeff?[28:00] Ted throws a rager and his mom would help.[33:25] Jeff’s mom was also depressed and would try to commit suicide.[35:00] Both Jeff’s dad and Ted’s mom both died around the same time and that experience brought them closer together.[39:05] Jeff doesn’t like children's sports.[42:35] Ted used to date this crazy chick at Walmart. She ended up telling a couple of guys that Ted was abusive and Jeff went ballistic.[49:00] Jeff’s appendix had burst and not knowing any better, he went to play basketball with Ted.[53:50] Walmart paid well and Jeff and Ted were the wealthiest kids for their age.[57:50] Jeff gets married first out of their friend group, and then Ted second. Jeff had a kid, but Ted was still throwing ragers![1:04:30] How did Jeff and Ted get into fantasy sports?[1:11:05] Because Jeff and Ted have known each other for so long, they have chemistry on the air that just can’t be replaced.[1:16:25] Jeff and Ted worked a long time before they saw any money come out of fantasy sports betting.[1:18:25] There’s no way Jeff and Ted would be friends if they had to live together.[1:21:10] What’s next? Ted wants sports to come back. Promo code: Radio20.Jeff on TwitterTed on TwitterTommy G on TwitterNo Mercy Podcast Quotes: “Any adversity in today’s day and age is seen as a negative.” “We’re different people entirely than we were when we were 15–16. I’m not nearly the same person.” “First and foremost, let’s all not die.”

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