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One MANS Opinion: Episode 9 – The Fantasy Sports Business

One MANS Opinion: Episode 9 – The Fantasy Sports Business

Jeff Mans has Ray Flowers on the show to give his insight on how cut-throat this business can really be. Ray’s been in this business full-time for 19 years and knows that getting started and getting serious with fantasy sports is tough when you have a full-time job or other things on your plate. A lot of fantasy sports companies are closing down right now or doing massive layoffs and that’s because they’re just hobbyists who never took this seriously in the first place. If you want good guys to bleed with you when you lose and celebrate with you when you win, then you gotta look for the real guys that are 100% committed to this like Jeff and Ray.Key Takeaways:[2:15] Jeff is itching for a sports fix and it seems ESPN and all those guys don’t even know what they’re even doing.[4:50] Sports is an escape for everyone and even if there is nothing on, it’s not going to stop Jeff and Ray from talking about it.[10:30] This is Ray’s 19th year doing this full-time. Everyone is shutting their doors because they’re hobbyists that don’t take this seriously.[14:00] When did Ray first learn about fantasy sports?[17:00] When did Ray realize he could actually make a living in this industry?[22:25] Ray’s first full-time job in this industry, he made $28,800 a year.[26:15] People shouldn’t be jealous or want to punish the business owner for taking on the risk and being successful. America needs businesses and the people who create them.[27:00] One of the worst things to happen to this industry was the way it got started.[33:00] A lot of fantasy companies are shutting down because of this virus thing.[40:05] People will pay for good work.[42:10] What sets Elite Fantasy and Fantasy Guru apart from all the others is the dedication to delivering good and valuable content to the users.[45:55] The most important people are your followers and your fans. Take care of those people.[53:00] There are people in this industry that will shield their picks from paying customers. What kind of logic is that![53:55] Jeff and Ray’s job is to make you win. That’s their job![57:00] People give Jeff’s wife crap because she’s a stay-at-home-mom now, but they don’t see the part when she was with Jeff when he wasn’t a provider and making zero money. In a partnership, you help each other and you make sacrifices.[1:09:50] How did Jeff first meet Ray?[1:19:00] Why did Ray decide to take the leap and work with Jeff?[1:24:20] Like this podcast? Tell a friend! Promo code: Radio20.Jeff on TwitterRay on Twitter Quotes: “Trying to make money in fantasy sports is frowned upon to a lot of people.” “People expect everything to be free. A lot of the time, you get what you pay for.” “If you’re a customer of ours, you’re getting 100% of me and Jeff. Period.”

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