Charlie KryszewskiMy first experiences in the Paranormal started in the mid 80’s, I lived in ahouse with three distinct spirits. A lady upstairs, and guy in his mid 20’s orso downstairs, and an grumpy old man in the Garage.I didn’t do much with them then other than try to not get freaked out whenthey were being active. I have always been interested in the Paranormal,but it wasn’t until I met Brian Clark that we started investigating.I remember buying two digital recorders, two mini maglite flashlights, anda K2 meter. Our first investigation was on the USS Hornet.Since then we have had the opportunities to investigate some amazingplaces, Waverly Hills, Bobby Mackey’s , The USS Hornet (I love that ship),Virginia City, Vulture City, etc.Brian and I have been on a couple of teams, but now do our own thing. Wehave a couple of close friends that we will go investigating with and we allhave a great time.I also had an interest in Tarot from my teen years, but never really actedon it until my 40’s. About 4 years ago I decided it was time to dive intoTarot and I have been giving readings for the past couple of years. I havestarted using Tarot cards during an investigation, and have gotten somepretty amazing results.I look forward to what the future brings.Brian Clark I grew up as a child with father who was very in tough with spirits, even as a devout christian man. As far back as I remember, he would both sometimes see and feel spirits in our home and at different places. I believe a piece of this was somehow passed on to me, as I was able to sense and hear spirts off and on since I was four years old. As you can imagine, due to my strict Christian/Pentecostal background, I was advised to shut down what I would feel or hear as unlike my father, I would be very open about anything paranormal and that was not always ok for the church. This ability would come and go for me through my life and I would leave the church in my early 20s and start to seek out what I felt was right for me in my belief system. In the last five years, I have really moved back in to the paranormal world with an open mind and spirit and have lovingly been called the ‘ghost wrangler’ by some friends due to the activity that seems to ramp up when I am around. I have had the great pleasure of being a part of two paranormal teams whose names were NPI and Wandering Spirits paranormal as well as working with some other amazing folks in the paranormal realm. Currently, I am doing my own thing with my husband and partner in crime, Charlie Kryszewski. I have had a lot of of amazing and sometimes frightening interactions happen to me in the past 5 years and have had the opportunity to investigate some incredible locations such as Waverley Hills Sanatarium, Bobby Mackays Music World, The U.S.S Hornet and more along with some residential cases. Besides the paranormal, I am also a newly practicing witch of two and a half years with an amazing mentor mentor, and dear friend who runs the Northern California Back Hat Society.Finally, I live in a home that is haunted by the previous owner who resides peacefully with myself , my husband and our four cats, Haylow, Mystic, Binx and Poe.

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