TAMMY GYARMATHYFounder – Investigator – Case ManagerTammy has over 20 years experience in the field. Though she has seen spirits since she was 5 years old. She saw her first spirit at 5 while at a flea market on the grounds of Meek Estate Mansion. 20 years later it was verified she was indeed looking at the spirit of the daughter that once lived in that house, while she was on an investigation there. It was verified at the age of 12 that she was extremely sensitive to the world of spirits. Her family was looking at a home to buy and right away she knew something was there. She told her family she didn’t want to live there because something was in that house. The dismissed her and moved in anyway. Not even a week later strange events started happening in the house and soon they would all become believers. She lived in fear of this for years. But at the age of 16 she became very interested in the field started doing evps, taking photos etc. By the time she was 20 she started working with teams and doing actual investigations. It went from fear, to intrigue, to passion and now a way of life for her. Being an empath and sensitive to spirits affects her daily. But she embraces her abilities and lets them help lead her on her journey in the paranormal. Her main goal is to help those in need so they don’t have to live in fear like she did and continue to learn as much as she possibly can. 

Duration: 60 min

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