My Partner Never Listens to Me! Be Heard and Understood!

My Partner Never Listens to Me! Be Heard and Understood!

* Stop the Fighting! Find the Ease of Communication* Exhausted from Conflicts? Creating Peace at Home* End the Tension! Enjoy a Smoother RelationshipAlice Shikina, Mediator and Kimi Avary, MA, Relationship Navigation Specialist would love to invite you to an intimate relationship exploration. This workshop is for those in relationships experiencing communication challenges that create chronic conflict. This introductory course goes over several communication styles, the differences between how men and women communicate, and practical tips on improving communication between partners. Workshop participants will gain insight into whether their issues are stemming from communication styles or whether there is a deeper conflict. The workshop leaders, Kimi Avary and Alice Shikina, provide a safe space for exploration and self-reflection. To Learn more go to Https://  To receive a complimentary Relationship Possibility Session with Kimi Avary go to To speak with Alice Shikina to to   

Duration: 1 hr 9 min

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