Genesis 3: 16-24 (The Fall Cont..)

Genesis 3: 16-24 (The Fall Cont..)

Genesis Chapter 3 Continued We go deeper into analysing the effect of the fall of man and we witness something that is so beautiful, God doesn't ever curse those who He has blessed and for the sake of man he cursed the ground. We see the new established hierrachy of marriage that we now know of in our present day age and we get to understand some principlesof sacrifice and labouring laws that were put in place as a consequence of this fall. The word of God is full of insights and it's an awesome time to be able to explore the scriptures, What did you learn, comment bellow let me know!! SHARE - COMMENT AND LIKE! SUBSCRIBE MORE CONTENT TO COME You can message me on: Insta: pbee_j Snapchat: batsiraichirewa Facebook: pbee_j Songs: Eben - Jesus at the Centre Sinach - I stand Amazed Kirk Franklin - 123 Victory CalledOutMusic - Last Breath

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