Genesis 4: 1-15 (Cain Murders Abel)

Genesis 4: 1-15 (Cain Murders Abel)

Genesis Chapter 4: Lessons to learn from Cain and Abel that's what we are going through today as we dive into chapter 4 of the book of genesis. In this half of the chapter we go over the difference between Cain's offering and Abel's offering as well as the difference in their attitude towards God. All scripture is there to help us live our best life and progress in the correct manor so that the desires of this world don't gain a hold over you like what happened with Cain. The word of God is full of insights and it's an awesome time to be able to explore the scriptures, What did you learn, comment bellow let me know!! SHARE - COMMENT AND LIKE! SUBSCRIBE MORE CONTENT TO COME You can message me on: Insta: pbee_j Snapchat: batsiraichirewa Facebook: pbee_j Songs: Limoblaze ft Sstedi - Life is Easy Deborah Lukalu - Awesome God Sinach - Great God Mazuri - Chosen

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