Genesis 4:16-26 (Cont..)

Genesis 4:16-26 (Cont..)

Gensis 4 Continued: The sad ending to the story of Cain and there's still things we can learn that would lead to a positive gain in your life. Faith is a principle revealed to us in this chapter and you can see just how any man can utilise the law of faith in their favour. We also learn a little about the life style men lived before a man named enosh was born, A brief chapter but still a great read indeed. comment bellow and share what you learned in today's episode. LIKE - COMMENT - FOLLOW! Music: Evan and Eris - Glory Gospel Baby - OGA CalledOutMusic - Working on Me Loveworld Music and Arts Ministry UK - You Deserve My Praise Socials: Insta: pbee_j snapchat: batsiraichirewa facebook: pbee_j

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