Neha Gurung


"Pod-unlock is a podcast for unlocking the innovative, creative and resourceful stories of individuals and groups whose proactive steps has directly or indirectly contributed to the society and to themselves" It touches 12 issues of your interest in 12 series and presents you with 4 episodes each month. Enjoy the Diversity!

Episodes: 10


De-stigmatizing Mental Health (Part 2)

Duration: 43 min

De-stigmatizing Mental Health (Part 1)

Duration: 54 min

Understanding Stress

Duration: 47 min

Understanding Depression

Duration: 41 min

Inspired by Local Spirit II

Duration: 27 min

Inpired by Local Spirit 1

Duration: 31 min

"Hiteri" Nepal's Crowd Funding Platform

Duration: 35 min

Trailer in Eng

Duration: 1 min

Trailer in Nepali

Duration: 2 min

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