Neha Gurung

De-stigmatizing Mental Health (Part 1)

De-stigmatizing Mental Health (Part 1)

This episode, I have conversation with Sameer Sjb Rana, on his own experiences with mental health issues and how his recovery process looked like.  Sameer Sjb Rana is now a dynamic personality with his involvement in multiple areas professionally and has initiated an informal wattsapp group named "De-stigmatizing mental health", in his effort, along with his watsapp team, to come up with new ideas and actions to help de-stigmatize mental health and help other folks going through any mental health issues.  It was truely a warm conversation with him and he indeed is a very comapsionate person I must say.  Do listen and let me know how you like it ;) --- Send in a voice message:

Duration: 54 min

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