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Episode 11 - Defeating Drug Diversion with Chris Bender and Erica Gray

Episode 11 - Defeating Drug Diversion with Chris Bender and Erica Gray

No matter who is doing it, the illicit transfer and misuse of medications is an issue that greatly threatens the safety of both patients and healthcare providers. Chris Bender and Erica Gray of the Diamond Drug Information center join us to discuss drug diversion across institutional care settings and what providers can do to defend against it. In the first segment, we define drug diversion and get a truly eye-opening look at the ways both prescription and OTC medications can be diverted in the correctional setting. And in the second segment, we talk about diversion among healthcare workers and the resources that facilities can use to build a strong diversion prevention program. Links and resources mentioned in this episode: "9 Steps to Creating a Drug Diversion Monitoring Program"- HealthcareITNews https://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/9-steps-creating-drug-diversion-monitoring-program ASHP Guidelines on Preventing Diversion of Controlled Substances https://www.ashp.org/-/media/assets/policy-guidelines/docs/guidelines/preventing-diversion-of-controlled-substances.ashx Controlled Substances Drug Diversion Pharmacy Technician Toolkit https://www.ashp.org/Pharmacy-Technician/About-Pharmacy-Technicians/Advanced-Pharmacy-Technician-Roles-Toolkits/Controlled-Substances-Drug-Diversion-Pharmacy-Technician-Toolkit "Behind Bars: The Truth about Drugs in Prisons" by Andrew OHagan and Rachel Hardwick https://medcraveonline.com/FRCIJ/behind-bars-the-truth-about-drugs-in-prisons.html Jail Medicine- A Correctional Health Blog- http://www.jailmedicine.com/

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