Shari Ponder

S1E1: What in the Holy Hell!? (An Introduction)

S1E1:  What in the Holy Hell!? (An Introduction)

Pastor Shari and her co-hosts bring faith, humor and health together in this intro segment. This episode allows you to meet the team and get the point! First up, co-host Michelle Nathalia is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Sanctified but certified School Psychologist! Next, co-host Kieyana Thomas is our resident millennial, NCC, and certified alternative therapist/Reiki Master. The team provides their definitions of prayer and Prozac and why this combination is so problematic for the church.Credits:Michelle Nathalia, Co-hostKieyana Thomas, Co-hostAleatha Lanier, ProducerJulian Reid, Music

Duration: 31 min

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