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1: Yahya Bakkar

1: Yahya Bakkar

Dropping out of college with thousands of dollars in student debt and getting kicked out of his father’s home kick-started Yahya Bakkar’s journey to becoming a motivational speaker. Yahya realized his purpose was to help others through leading, teaching and public speaking. He has spoken at Harvard University, Georgia Institute of Technology, TEDx and various other conferences and organizations. Today, Yahya has taken the stage more than 500 times and helps young people reach their full potential and become world-class speakers. In the episode, Yahya gives listeners takeaways and advice on creating a brand from their story. His mission is to teach others to each own their value, and he does just that with his “Story Proof” framework. He breaks down the exact steps to follow to create a profitable personal brand and business. Resources mentioned: [World-Class Leader Coaching Program](https://go.worldclassleader.com/casestudy) [Yahya’s Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/yahyabakkar/) [Gerard’s Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/gerardadams/) Sponsored by: [Prudential](https://www.prudential.com/campaign/state-of-us?utm_medium=content-program&utm_source=lcl_podcast&utm_content=episode_descriptions&utm_campaign=spons_2018) [The GRAMMY Museum Experience™ Prudential Center](https://www.grammymuseumexp.org/)

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