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2: Brittany Jade

2: Brittany Jade

After moving to New Jersey in high school and starting a career in reality TV, Brittany Jade realized that she needed to make a change. Feeling stifled by the lack of creativity she had while working in TV, Brittany decided to transition to working in audio and start an internet radio station from scratch. In this episode, Brittany Jade, founder and program director of the Newark Radio Co-Op, a digital radio station based in Downtown Newark, New Jersey, breaks down how she got her start by producing local podcasts and radio shows. Brittany discusses the invaluable resources she used while building Newark Radio Co-Op and the methods she used to gain courage and keep herself accountable to her goals. We also found time to address the gaps in diversity in podcasts and how the Newark Radio Co-Op addressed this by featuring an Urban Alternative music format mixed with live talk shows and podcasts by and about people in minority communities. Resources mentioned: [Newark Radio Co-Op](https://www.newark.fm/) [The DIY Internet Radio Cookbook](https://www.amazon.com/DIY-Internet-Radio-Cookbook-Beginners/dp/0692537627) [Gerard’s Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/gerardadams/) Sponsored by: [Prudential](https://www.prudential.com/campaign/state-of-us?utm_medium=content-program&utm_source=lcl_podcast&utm_content=episode_descriptions&utm_campaign=spons_2018) [The GRAMMY Museum Experience™ Prudential Center](https://www.grammymuseumexp.org/)

Duration: 27 min

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