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3: Andaiye Taylor

3: Andaiye Taylor

Born and raised in Newark, New Jersey, Andaiye Taylor has mastered the art of the side hustle.  As someone whose career has always followed two tracks, Andaiye founded the award-winning news platform BrickCityLive.com while simultaneously serving as head of content for the Clover brand at First Data.  In this episode, we discuss with Andaiye, a recipient of the Lars-Erik Nelson Prize for excellence in reporting and writing, how she built the Brick City Live from the ground up. Despite workingwith limited resources, and simultaneously keeping up with her day job, Andaiye tells the audience how she was able to create a thriving publication with multiple writers and an event technology platform. She also doles out tips on how to manage our health and wellness to bringour best selves to work.  Resources mentioned: [Brick City Live](http://brickcitylive.com) [Andaiye’s Twitter](https://twitter.com/andaiye) [Gerard’s Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/gerardadams/) Sponsored by: [Prudential](https://www.prudential.com/campaign/state-of-us?utm_medium=content-program&utm_source=lcl_podcast&utm_content=episode_descriptions&utm_campaign=spons_2018) [The GRAMMY Museum Experience™ Prudential Center](https://www.grammymuseumexp.org/)

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