Ep. 65 | Feb. 18, 2016: Toxic Assets

Ep. 65 | Feb. 18, 2016: Toxic Assets

It's hard to build a winner in baseball at altitude. Did you know that? Have you ever heard that truism? Have you felt beaten over the head with it for your entire life? You HAVE, have you? Well do we have a show for you. The outstanding Mike Petriello of joins the Jason Gurka edition of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast to discuss the reality of the "Coors Field Effect" and how it's possible (really!) to play successful baseball in Denver. Listen to Mike. He's way smarter than we are. Plus Anthony and Tyler discuss MLB Advanced Media's class action lawsuit settlement regarding broadcast rights and what that means for in-market streaming and you, the still-lingering Jose Reyes situation, and much more.

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