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Ep. 52: Crime and Courtship, Part 17

Ep. 52: Crime and Courtship, Part 17

It's Prom de Plume! Time for dancing, time for flirting, time for hunting down the leader of a world-ending cult... you know, the usual. Listen as our heroes: REVEAL their hand! DANCE to their own tune! CONFRONT Ezra? Content Warnings: Volume (32:40-32:45), Food (47:25-47:50, 58:40-1:01:25), Harsh SFX (1:12:20-1:12:40)   Transcript:   Hopper's new hat (drawn by Mandy Robertson):   Follow Quest Friends! Online: Website:  Patreon: Facebook:  Tumblr:  Twitch:  Twitter:  YouTube:    Intro/Outro music by MiracleOfSound Intro: Friends (YouTube:, Bandcamp: Outro: Hitoshio (YouTube:, Bandcamp:   Music Credits "Casual Daily Scene" by FutureOrientedTriad: "Lobby Time" by Kevin MacLeod: "Flying High" by Jay Man/Our Music Box: "Big Band" by PIANODAYs: "Inspiring and Motivational Epic" by bdProductions: "Romantic Accordion Waltz" by Maitr: "Derp Away" by Liam Priestnall:  "Into Uncertainty" by Jay Man/Our Music Box: "Quirky Little Tale" by ChristianA: "Vanishing" by Kevin MacLeod: "Scottish Highland" by Soundland: “menuDec.wav” by RunnerPack: "The Sunshine Junction" written by Kyle Decker and performed by Hazel Stapp ( and Violet Kawi ( Additional Music from Motion Array:

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