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Radical Solutions EP3 - George Freeman MP

Radical Solutions EP3 - George Freeman MP

What do we want for Britain after Brexit? We don't need wishful thinking or rehashed ideas. We need radical solutions. So, every Thursday we release an episode where we talk to one inspiring speaker about theirs. This episode we speak to George Freeman, Conservative MP for Mid Norfolk. He tackles one of the biggest problems in the UK; the housing crisis among millennials, and he has a very unorthodox solution. Do you think it would work? Comment, share, like, tweet your reactions or tell us your #radicalsolutions! If you want to make sure you don't miss any episodes, follow us on Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter! This podcast was produced and hosted by Bridey Addison-Child and Tessa van Rens. This series will see many people interviewed with different opinions. Unlock Democracy is creating a discussion about big ideas, but the views expressed by the guests are not the views of the organisation. Credits; - Frank Hirth / Mercury Homesearch, Jun 25 2018 - EURACTIV Ave, March 6 2018 - Ana Kasparian, The Young Turks, Oct 1 2018 - Institute for Public Policy Research, Dec 7 2012

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