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Pittsburgh's Avatar - Benji. #021

Pittsburgh's Avatar - Benji. #021

In this episode, you have the opportunity to meet Benji. Benji. is a rapper singer producer and musician from Pittsburgh, Pa. Featured on NPR’s 2019 Artist to Watch list, Benji. has since become a household name in his hometown, and recently landed an opening slot on the first leg of Earthgang’s Welcome to Mirrorland tour. His debut album is set to be released in 2020.Where can you keep up with Benji. ? IG: @avatarbenjiYoutube: @Kstalker9Episode beats:Joe Cal / @josephj_callahanDon't forget to subscribe, follow us on Instagram @_rawnessofreality, Snapchat @Rawnessreality, and Twitter @rawreality_ Remember, Stay Raw with Reality

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