Season 1 Episode 3 Death Before Dishonor

Season 1 Episode 3 Death Before Dishonor

This is one of the first "Did You Know" episodes, where we take a look at those who we enjoy in the capacity of entertainers, politicians, actors, comedians, etc., but we can also add the title of author to their names.  In this episode, we take a look at the rapper, producer, actor, businessman, and, unknown to many, author...50 Cent and his collaboration with author Nikki Turner in the novel entitled Death Before Dishonor.  The novel is a look into the lives of three characters, Trill, Sunni and Precious and how they deal with death and dishonor in the drug world.  This episode is the first to be aired on Youtube under Reading to Feed the Mind.  Share your book ideas or comments by sending an email to for tuning in!

Duration: 14 min

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