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#10 Everyday Practices to Experience the Flow of The Holy Spirit

#10 Everyday Practices to Experience the Flow of The Holy Spirit

This episode is inspired by Stella’s question and I title it: 10 Everyday Practices that foster the free flow of the Holy Spirit. You see for many years I suffered from what I call: Spiritual Procrastination. And if you’re wondering what that is, spiritual procrastination is an excuse for not doing something or taking action towards something because we are waiting on God. For example: When you ask someone about the business idea they shared with you a few years or months ago, you get a response like: “Am seeking God’s face” I’ve still not heard from God. Seriously? That is spiritual procrastination. Frank talk now, how many times do you pray before you make a call to your friend, go for lunch, watch a movie or buy a dress? No right? Don’t get me wrong. It’s awfully difficult to discern the will of God even after prayer and fasting, it usually entails making tough decisions. And I’m certainly not advocating a thoughtless or prayerless approach to decision making. My question is: What if you’re so afraid of doing the wrong thing that it keeps you from doing the right thing? In this episode, I provide you with tools that’ll enable you to create an environment for the free flow of the Holy Spirit, such that you can trust your decision at all times. As the scripture puts it: those that are led by the spirit are HIS LADIES. Enjoy it!

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