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Covid-19: the long view with Dr. Paul Farmer

Covid-19: the long view with Dr. Paul Farmer

“Shame on us if we cannot seize this moment to make some desperately needed improvements in our health systems.”For years, many in global health have been saying that “the big one” - a pandemic disease - was a matter of when, not if. And this is the big one. So we ripped up our schedule to start the new series of Reimagine with a special emergency podcast on the coronavirus pandemic with the world’s foremost public health hero – Dr. Paul Farmer, the co-founder of Partners In Health.Peter and Paul have been colleagues, friends and fellow troublemakers for 20 years. They look back to explore what past epidemics can teach us – and ahead to how this pandemic might define us.What can lessons from Ebola teach us about how to effectively deal with Covid-19? And is this the moment to rebuild our human social architecture to ensure fatalities on this scale never happen again? Watch Bending The ArcLearn more about Partners In Health

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