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What Is Social Entrepreneurship? With Sally Osberg

What Is Social Entrepreneurship? With Sally Osberg

If you’ve been tuning in to series 1 and want to know more about social entrepreneurship, or you’d just like to spend some time in the company of an extremely cool woman with a voracious intellect and a lot of wisdom about how change happens, then this bonus episode is just for you.For two decades Sally Osberg has played an outsized role in growing the field of social entrepreneurship. She was the founding president and CEO of the Skoll Foundation, one of the world’s leading organisations in this space. With Roger Martin, Sally was the author of the seminal book Getting Beyond Better: How Social Entrepreneurship Works. And she’s also an Associate Fellow at the Saïd Business School.  Reimagine aims to explore how change happens by getting into the minds of social entrepreneurs. And this episode is a chance to get under the hood to see how social entrepreneurship works. If you’ve been listening to Reimagine, you’ll hear a lot of familiar themes. But here, we’ll go deeper.  What is a social entrepreneur? Why do they matter? And what’s their special role during the era of coronavirus? Featuring:Sally Osberg (@SallyOsberg), author of Getting Beyond Better: How Social Entrepreneurship Works. Host:Peter Drobac (@peterdrobac), Director of the @SkollCentre for Social Entrepreneurship, Oxford Saïd Business School.Want to learn more about the show? Check out a question for Peter? Email him at – Eve Streeter for Stabl

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