James Tobin Ph.D.

Relationship Unconscious


The "Relationship Unconscious" podcast site focuses on how the mind’s unconscious influences the way we think, feel, and behave in our relationships. Featuring the work of licensed psychologist and psychotherapist James Tobin, Ph.D., the site offers (1) audio presentations on the psychology of relationship dynamics among couples, between parents and children, and in the workplace; (2) webinar events; and (3) recordings of interactive group seminars.

Episodes: 18


20 - The Disorder of Accumulated Stress: Anxiety

Duration: 12 min

18 - Are You Typecast? Polarization in Couples

Duration: 12 min

16 - Psychological "Cloning"

Duration: 9 min

15 - The Illusion of Complexity

Duration: 9 min

14 - Counteridentification

Duration: 14 min

11 - Enactment

Duration: 10 min

10 - Guilt

Duration: 13 min

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