Episode 1 - Dr Claire Hayes

Episode 1 - Dr Claire Hayes

In this episode we bring you an interview with Dr. Claire Hayes. Dr. Hayes works as a Clinical Psychologist in private practice. She is an author of three books. Her most recent book Finding Hope in the Age of Anxiety is available now on Audible and in all good book stores.Claire talks about her journey to working as a Psychologist, overcoming set backs, finding your 'Why', the value of CBT and the therapeutic relationship and much much more. What's in Dr. Claire Hayes mental health toolbox?CBT and the coping sentence.Allowing yourself to feel your emotions and letting goBalance + Diet and exerciseWalking Sunny the dogLearning and developing your interestsTrusting your instincts and asking 'What's helpful for me now?' Resources mentioned in the episode;When Helping You Is Hurting Me: Escaping the Messiah Trap by Carmen Renee BerryByron Katie (American Author)Prof Paul Gilbert (Founder of CFT)Dr. Stephen Hayes (Founder of ACT)

Duration: 1 hr 31 min

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