Episode 2 - Dr Patricia Barber

Episode 2 - Dr Patricia Barber

In this episode we bring you an interview with Dr Patricia Barber. Dr Barber is a Counselling Psychologist with a doctorate from the Glasgow Caledonian University. She currently works as a Counselling Psychologist in Scotland. For more information on Dr. Barbers work, to read her blog on mental health and hear more about her 10 years project you can visit her website talks about her road to becoming a Counselling Psychologist, the practicalities of the course, self care when working in a caring profession and much more.What's in Dr Patricia Barber's mental health tool box?Scheduling breaks for yourself to look forward to.Self care - especially the basicsBoundaries between work and your private life Resources and terms mentioned in the episode:The Wounded HealerMaslows Hierarchy of NeedsIPA (Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis) = Interview based qualitative research method.Watchful waiting in trauma treatment.ACT, DBT and Schema Therapy   

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