One Cough

One Cough

Went to see Eva, my masseuse, yesterday. Under so much stress right now, not sure what we evern spoke about. My moving company is designated an essential business and I'm concerned about visiting so many different homes in the context of the pandeminc. The work has been challenging, I'm taking whatever I can and as a result I'm in a lot of pain. So let's listen in to how my session went and what was on my mind. Oh yes, the title. I have come down with a normal, tiny cold. When I need to cough, I suppress it so as to not alarm anyone but every once in a while I allow myself... one cough. I make that one cough count. But even with this strategy, I must be careful. I can't cough just once every five minutes for instance, I must spread it out or this too will elicit concern. 

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