Tom Goom: 2002-2020 Changes In Running Injury Prevention

Tom Goom: 2002-2020 Changes In Running Injury Prevention

Ep40: Tom Goom - 2002-2020 Changes In Running Injury PreventionTom Goom a.k.a. 'The Running Physio' is a physiotherapist based in Brighton, working out of the Physio Rooms. His 'Running Repairs Course' is internationally acclaimed, and he has now organised a 'Running Rehab, from Pain to Performance’ conference this April 24th in London, with speakers Alex Hutchinson, Ian Griffiths, Claire Minshull and Chris Napier. With this superb line-up, the conference is destined to be of huge value! Tickets available at this year marking Tom’s 18th year as a Physiotherapist, we decided to celebrate by taking a trip down memory lane and looking at ways in which the management & treatment of Running Injury & the optimization of Running Performance has changed since Tom started in 2002. The episode is literally FULL of fantastic advice and comforting testimony to the fact that as a therapist it is totally normal to have your beliefs & assumptions challenged by modern research, and your practice forced to evolve to keep in line with more modern concepts.We hope you enjoy the episode!----------------------------------RCL INTERNATIONAL RUNNING CONFERENCE 2020As announced in this episode, dates have now been released for the RCL International Running Conference 2020: Thursday October 29th & Friday October 30th in Brighton, UK.Details of the TEN speakers presenting across the two days will be released soon, as well as links to early bird tickets, so make sure you follow us on social media @runchatlive. Videos of last year's conference are still available at as well as branded T-shirts.* * * * WANT TO SUPPORT THE PODCAST?  * * * *The success of a podcast ultimately boils down to how much Apple advertises it, which is heavily based on ratings & reviews. A huge thanks to those of you who have left ratings and reviews!If you'd like to help us, do please take two minutes to leave a rating & review on Apple Podcasts or iTunes. iPhone users can do it from the app on your phone, android users need to go to iTunes on a laptop/pc. Thanks in advance! EPISODE:April 30th Thursday 8pm GMT:* * * TODD HARGROVE * * *Join us LIVE: 

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