Jenan Al-Dayyen, Sara J. Nelson, and the Rest of Our Wonderful Cast

Ep 10 The Jury Gives Its Verdict

Ep 10 The Jury Gives Its Verdict

Previously on Saffron and Peri... Tristan is called to the stand, and Themis helps him plead his case, but will it be enough to sway the Wonderland Jury? Peri speaks with Tristan's older brother Roderick to make a request on Tristan's behalf, and declines to assist in robbing a dragon. And lastly Saffron and Peri find themselves unable to say certain words! Could this be a mysterious illness? A side-effect of Wonderland's wondrous wonders? Find out Tristan's fate and what ails Saffron and Peri in Episode 10! Follow Saffron and Peri on the following sites: Tumblr Twitter Instagram Youtube

Duration: 15 min

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