Jenan Al-Dayyen, Sara J. Nelson, and the Rest of Our Wonderful Cast

Ep 11 The Trial By Combat Begins

Ep 11 The Trial By Combat Begins

Previously on Saffron and Peri... Tristan was found guilty of stepping on a mome rath and sentenced to a beheading! But all is not lost for our young hero--his friends have devised a scheme to aid in keeping his head firmly attached to his shoulders... Also: a Master Librarian helped Peri diagnose the strange word problem that plagues her and Saffron--their words have been stolen by some mischievous thieving goblins... But what do these goblins want with these words? And can Tristan win his freedom by the blade? Find out the answers to these pressing questions in Episode 11!! Follow Saffron and Peri on the following sites: Tumblr Twitter Instagram Youtube

Duration: 14 min

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