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Ep 12 The Trial Is Concluded

Ep 12 The Trial Is Concluded

Previously on Saffron and Peri... Before commencing battle against the Queen's Champion to win his life and freedom, Tristan takes to the stand once more, but this time it's to help a young girl and her rabbit make peace with each other... Also: Peri discovers that the goblins are stealing words to open a portal, but isn't any closer to getting the stolen words back, or discovering WHY the goblins are opening a portal. Roderick the Righteous and Manfred the Manly show up in court, complicating matters further as Roderick bravely volunteers to stand in for Tristan in The Battle For His Life and Freedom. And Saffron and Peri also feed a finicky cat. Follow Saffron and Peri on the following sites: Tumblr Twitter Instagram Youtube

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