Jenan Al-Dayyen, Sara J. Nelson, and the Rest of Our Wonderful Cast

Ep 3 In Which the Titaness Confronts the Mermaids

Ep 3 In Which the Titaness Confronts the Mermaids

Saffron and Peri is a fantasy comedy that blends modern day life with classic fairytale elements. It follows the adventures of the loquacious Saffron, professional fairy godmother extraordinaire, and her best friend Peri, a djinnia who runs the Magic Support Department. Our story starts when they meet Tristan, an aspiring godparent in need of guidance. PREVIOUSLY ON SAFFRON AND PERI… A mermaid trio declines to bargain, a wishing star has trouble with the differences between alive and not-alive, a titaness refuses to be moved by sentimentality, and a question of height is discussed but not necessarily resolved! Follow Saffron and Peri on the following sites: Tumblr Twitter  

Duration: 11 min

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