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Tri Bourne and Travis Mewhirter publish new book, Volleyball for Milkshakes!

Tri Bourne and Travis Mewhirter publish new book, Volleyball for Milkshakes!

This episode of SANDCAST: Beach volleyball with Tri Bourne and Travis Mewhirter, features a fun announcement from the hosts: They have co-written and published a book! Their book, Volleyball for Milkshakes, is out today! The easiest place you can find it is on Amazon, and the audio version will be out in a week or so! This episode covers, first and foremost, the book: how it came about, what it’s about, and how the podcast influenced the narrative. At the bottom of the show notes, we’ll provide the synopsis. We also answer a number of fan questions, so thank you to all who submitted them! We take a look at all the new teams signing up for the AVP Champions Cup, and why there are so many breakups happening despite no tournaments having been played just yet (hint: POINTS!) Who our underdog picks are to stand out during the Champions Cup If the AVP were to host a co-ed tournament, who would we pick as a partner? Tri’s perspective on the AVP’s Covid-19 precautions Who is our fantasy four-man team Who has been practicing regularly and who might be a bit rusty Which non-coastal city would we like to see the AVP host a tournament? Thanks as always for listening, and supporting the show. As always, this show is brought to you by our guys at Wilson Volleyball, the No. 1 source of equipment for all things beach volleyball. Use our discount code, Sandcast-20 for 20 percent off!  SYNOPSIS OF VOLLEYBALL FOR MILKSHAKES Tri had anxiously been waiting for this day throughout the entire school year: The beginning of summer, when his days would be filled with beach volleyball, surfing, and more beach volleyball. But when he signs up for summer beach volleyball at Outrigger Beach with his best friend and partner, Trevor, he discovers the devastating news that Trevor had teamed up with his arch rival, Ricardo. Now Tri, with the help of his tough love Auntie, must befriend a misfit named Travis, building a new team, a new partnership, and a deep friendship that changes his view on beach volleyball, and life. In this first-of-its kind novel, SANDCAST podcast hosts and professional beach volleyball players Tri Bourne and Travis Mewhirter take you through a fictional tale that will inspire, humor, and teach lessons that will last a lifetime.

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