002. 21 React

002. 21 React

When I first saw the YouTube video of a tornado hitting Washington, Illinois, I was fascinated by the confusing quirks and extraordinary crescendo the home-made video reaches by the end. There were so many odd details in the things done and said that I wanted to show everyone I know. So I did, and I recorded many of their reactions and time-aligned them for this episode of SAUCEPAN. For a limited time, you can download all the sounds from this recording as a sample pack -- more details here.SAUCEPAN is an experimental audio project from pATCHES -- absolutely anything goes; the point is to not just conceive of weird sound ideas that have never been heard before but to actually produce & release them. Want to help make an episode for SAUCEPAN? If you have an idea for an episode, we're accepting pitches & paying for them! - send an email with your idea to More details here.

Duration: 6 min

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