Team Sneak Wolf

S2E7 - Frost on Skull Mountain

S2E7 - Frost on Skull Mountain

Our Scare Fighters head up Skull Mountain with the help of a questionable mountain guide. Ice vultures, ninjas, and an angry snow ape await them. Let’s go! Written by Brady Echols and Max BrownProduced by Joe WilkinsonNarration by C.S. HumbleMusic by Brady Echols Credits:Max Brown: Orion, Calvester Stone, BertBrady Echols: AlastorGinger Echols: AuroraRoman Brown: BrutusAdam Tijerina: Gorbo, ScorpiusJeff Florey: Snowball, G.I.G. AgentAndrew Schumacher: Ninja Butler, Agent AElizabeth Wilkinson: The Compass

Duration: 31 min

Release Date:

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