Team Sneak Wolf

S2E8 - Escape From Area 52!

S2E8 - Escape From Area 52!

Our beloved Scare Fighters have been captured! Looks like the captors will need their help to survive a hacker’s vengeance. Get ready to fight some spaced invaders and other secrets within Area 52! Written by Max Brown and Brady EcholsProduced by Joe WilkinsonNarration by C.S. HumbleMusic by Brady EcholsCredits:Max Brown: Orion, BertBrady Echols: AlastorGinger Echols: AuroraRoman Brown: Brutus, Weapon Honey BadgerAndrew Schumacher: Agent AlexanderAdam Tijerina: Salamander SamJeff Florey: EllieFrancisco Encinas: David DangerbiteJordan Meyer: Area 52 A.I.Elizabeth Wilkinson: The CompassJoe Wilkinson: Pronto the Porcupine

Duration: 19 min

Release Date:

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