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Searching for Salai

"Leonardo da Vinci. A master of his time. A timeless icon. But everything we thought we knew about him is being called into question. A mysterious scholar has emerged, surfacing eerily specific accounts of the great master's life. He claims that he's from the Italian Renaissance, that he was ‒ and is ‒ a long-time pupil and good friend of Leonardo himself. He says we are living in a Digital Renaissance. He claims that he's traveled to this time using blockchain, IoT, and other technology. Searching for Salai is the first fiction podcast brought to you by SAP, thanks to the new Digital Renaissance. Are you ready for it?"

Episodes: 10


All Good Things [Episode 9]

Duration: 14 min

Renaissance Claims [Episode 8]

Duration: 14 min

Present Compatible [Episode 7]

Duration: 12 min

Counterclockwise [Episode 6]

Duration: 13 min

Constructive Imagination [Episode 5]

Duration: 14 min

The Art of Technology [Episode 4]

Duration: 13 min

Proof of Time [Episode 3]

Duration: 14 min

The Time Traveler’s Technology [Episode 2]

Duration: 15 min

The Vitruvian Wager [Episode 1]

Duration: 14 min

Introducing Searching for Salai

Duration: 1 min

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