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The BEST Asset Class, Part #2

The BEST Asset Class, Part #2

If for every dollar you put into improving one of your real estate assets, you could get that dollar back within 12 months… and then enjoy decades of free and clear cash flow… wouldn’t you do that?  Right now, I’ll show you not 1, but 2 ways to do that in my current favorite asset class. I’m Bryan Ellis. This is episode #322 of Self-Directed Investor Talk.----Hello, Self-Directed Investors, all across the fruited plane.  Welcome to Episode #322 of Self-Directed Investor Talk, the SHOW OF RECORD for savvy self-directed investors like you.  Guess what’s going to happen today? Today, I’m going to help you find, understand and PROFIT from exceptional alternative investment opportunities!In yesterday’s exciting episode, I introduced you to the asset class that I think is stealing the crown from multi-family housing as the GO-TO real estate asset class.  If you missed that episode… you missed a great one! Drop me a text message to 833-212-2112 and ask for the RV Parks episode I’ll send you a copy so you can get caught up…...and you’ll certainly want to do that because today, I’m going to tell you two ways that, using that asset class - which is, of course, the high-cash-flowing world of RV parks - I’ll tell you not one but TWO ways that my partners and I - and maybe you, too, possibly - are planning to spend a bit of money on some of our RV park properties and generate a MASSIVE and rather immediate return of our capital… to be followed immediately by many years - possibly even DECADES - of free and clear cash flow.But understand this:  I’m not just bragging on our deals - though I’ve got to admit, maybe there’s a LITTLE BIT of that hehehe - but more importantly, I’m trying to show you what’s POSSIBLE… because deals like this are in much greater supply than financially similar deals in other asset classes like self-storage facilities and mobile home parks.And I’m also telling you because, who knows, maybe you can actually participate in these deals with us.  More on that in a bit.So what are these two crazy-powerful value adds we’re going to perform?So you may recall from yesterday, we’re acquiring 2 separate RV parks.  Specifically on the one in Wisconsin… we’re going to be able to add, at a cost of about $50,000 per cabin, about one dozen nice little cabins which will be available for rental in our parks.Now here’s the really CRAZY thing… based on the rates our clients are ALREADY PAYING for space in that park, it’s actually quite plausible to think that we’ll collect more than $50,000 of income per unit after just two, or maybe 3, seasons.  RV parks, you see, are seasonal, generally with 2 4-month high seasons per year. And after only 2 or 3 of those season, those cabins will basically be totally free and clear cash flow, with only minimal incremental expense for maintenance!That, my friends, is ASTOUNDINGLY WONDERFUL… super-high-ROI stuff.  I’m so excited about this deal!And that’s not allFor the property in Michigan, we’re going to add a particular water feature there which is an absolute super-powered electromagnet for attracting families with children.  This is just an amenity we’re adding to the water amenities already onsite. It won’t be cheap to do this… with the cost coming in around $150,000 or so, but get this:The evidence is absolutely overwhelming that this type of amenity brings more families with children to an RV park… and these are families who wouldn’t have otherwise come.  In other words… new customers!And what’s astounding is that there’s data - anecdotal, admittedly, but still relevant - that suggests that the presence of this type of water feature can, all by itself, increase the net income of certain well-run parks by 20-30% after 3 years.  With rates like that, it takes no time at all to recoup the $150,000 and investment and then be SOLIDLY in the money.And what’s EVEN BETTER is that I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible with RV parks.  If you find multi-family real estate attractive because of the potential to add value and create new income streams, then you’ll find RV parks to be like an absolute candyland of potential, much of which can be realized near term and at shockingly low costs.I couldn’t possibly be more excited about the future with these assets.  We’ve already begun the hunt for even more of them.If you’d like to learn more about investing in RV parks… and maybe even participate in some of the deals that my partners and I are doing, drop a text to me at 833-212-2112 and let me know.  We haven’t yet decided if we’re going to take on outside investors, and if we do, we’ll open up an application process, the first step of which is to be on my investor alerts list… and the way you make that happen is to text me at 833-212-2112 and let me know you’d like to be included.Oh… and  failed to mention… you can actually use your IRA or 401(k) to do this type of investing!  Want to know how? Well how about I give you those details in the very next episode of Self-Directed Investor Talk?!My friends… invest wisely today and live well forever! See for privacy and opt-out information.

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