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the New KING OF THE HILL Among Real Estate Asset Classes |

the New KING OF THE HILL Among Real Estate Asset Classes  |

For the last few years, the asset class that’s been all the rage is multi-family housing.  But I’m here to tell you, my friends, there’s a new king of the hill. You’ll find out what it is RIGHT NOW in I’m Bryan Ellis.  This is Episode #321 of Self-Directed Investor Talk.----Hello, Self-Directed Investors, all across the fruited plane.  Welcome to Episode #321 of Self-Directed Investor Talk, the SHOW OF RECORD for savvy self-directed investors like you.  Guess what’s going to happen today? Well, I’m going to help you to find, understand and profit from exceptional alternative investing strategies and opportunities… so buckle up!So, the telephone rings, and I recognize this guy’s name.  He’s a friend, a fellow investor, and someone whose judgment I trust quite strongly.  He’s the kind of guy that when he says “I’ve got a deal”, if you’re smart, what you say in response is “where do I send the money”.So I picked up the phone, earnestly hoping that one of his life-changing opportunities awaited But that’s not what he said, this time.  Instead, what he says, is this: I’ve got TWO deals… and instantly, I know this is going to be my lucky day.I’m going to tell you about those two deals and why you should keep your ears open for similar opportunities for yourself.  In fact, it may even sound to you, as I describe these deals to you, that I’m trying to sell YOU on investing in these deals with us.Nope.  We’re closing on both of them with our own money, because both of these are just too sweet to turn down.  But I can tell you, with some confidence, that you’re going to wish you were in on this when you hear about it.  Who knows, we may raise capital for these deals so we can get some of our money back out to find even more of them… but we may just keep them… they’re that good.  If you’re already on my investor waiting list, I’ll let you know if we decide to make this available. And if you’re not already on my waiting list, and if you are liquid for atleast $100,000 - then you probably want to get on that list right away.  Just text me at 833-212-2112 and ask to get on the waiting list and I’ll take care of you.So what is this spectacular asset class?Oh now… surely you can venture a guess?  Think with me… the biggest demographic phenomemon of the last 60 years… the BABY BOOM generation… they’re retiring at the rate of about 10,000 people per day.  A whole lot of them have MONEY, and lots of it. And all of their kids and grandchildren have spread out all over the country. What are these people doing? They’re buying RV’s - in MASSIVE volumes - and taking their home with them all over the country.So what opportunity does this create for me and you… and what is the ACTUAL opportunity that my friend reached out to me about?RV parks, baby!  Imagine the benefits of owning a hotel… where you get a very, very high rental price for a very, very small portion of real estate… but you do NOT have to think about things like laundry or furniture or linens or any of the things that makes a hotel so very expensive to establish, operate and own.Instead, what you’re renting out is, essentially, a piece of concrete.  A small piece of concrete, where your customers bring THEIR OWN bed and THEIR OWN furniture and THEIR OWN linens.  All you do is provide them with a hookup for electricity and water and, if you’re smart, some great amenities, and what do you have?  You have a situation where you’re collecting hotel-like nightly rental rates in exchange for a service that is FAR LESS EXPENSIVE and SO MUCH EASIER to provide than with a hotel.But there’s another HUGE benefit to RV parks… lots of them, actually.  And this one explains why, we are expecting, conservatively, an internal rate of return of 15-20%+.  That benefit is REPEAT BUSINESS! You see, we know, as a sociological fact, that people who use RV parks are, by and large, very habitual in their behavior.  Once they find an RV park that they like, chances are they’ll come back every year or two over and over and over again…...and that means not only are the profits in this business VERY HIGH, but they can also be incredibly CONSISTENT.Both of the deals that we’re buying and closing on in the next two weeks are actually ALREADY very profitable… and the REALLY beautiful thing is this:  A little money spent wisely goes a REALLY LONG WAY with RV parks. There are two examples I want to share with you, both of which will ABSOLUTELY blow your mind… you’ll see why we are SO UTTERLY THRILLED with this asset class.But before I share those two examples with you, think about this name:  Sam Zell. Sam Zell is a LEGENDARY real estate investor, Bloomberg pegs his net worth at $4.4 BILLION.  Zell started and currently owns a very large percentage of several publicly-traded REITs - kind of like a mutual fund for real estate investments - and each of those REITs are focused on different real estate segments like commercial real estate, multi-family and… surprise, surprise… RV parks and mobile home parks.  And guess which one is outperforming the others? According to a recent story in, the answer is no surprise at all:  Zell’s RV parks are CRUSHING the results from commercial real estate, multifamily and every other real estate sector.As for those two examples of how an investor can easily spend a TINY amount of money in an RV park and get that money back entirely very, very, very quickly… you’re just going to be bowled over, my friends.Unfortunately, we’re short of time today, so I’ll tell you those two things tomorrow, so be sure that you have SUBSCRIBED to Self-Directed Investor Talk in Apple Podcasts or whatever podcast system you use.If you’d like for me to send you a notice when I release that episode so you are sure you don’t miss it, just drop a quick text to me at 833-212-2112 and let me know.I’ll look forward to pulling back the curtain for you a little more tomorrow, my friends… and I’ll even give you my advice on how YOU can get involved in this incredibly, incredibly attractive asset class yourself… maybe even using the money in your IRA or 401(k), so don’t miss it!My friends… invest wisely today and live well forever! 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