Ep #002 ... mental health and wellness

Ep #002 ... mental health and wellness

We're back!  Surprising even myself that I didn't flake after one episode!  Exciting news: we are on Spotify and iTunes so far - Google to come! I talk pretty candidly this time about my experiences with mental health, anxiety in particular, and I reveal a phobia I deal with on a regular basis.  I offer insight on how I handle my anxiety and then close with a series of tips and suggestions to promote your own wellbeing. Please follow along, share with anyone you think would be interested and get involved in the conversation.   I implore you to share your history with mental health, what you do to work with it and suggestions you might have for promoting wellness.   If you feel brave enough, send me a recorded message through the below link.  I might even include you in an upcoming podcast as a follow-up to this one! As mentioned in the podcast, some really helpful support sites are BeyondBlue, Lifeline and headspace.  Links below: Finally, get connected with me on social media and tell me what you would like to hear next.  Below are the links (noting that email, Instagram and Facebook are surefire ways to get my attention!) Email: Music for intro and outro: Higher Up by Shane Ivers -

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