Ep #003 ... the binge-list - normal people

Ep #003 ... the binge-list - normal people

Back again!  Surprised? This time I wanted to add a new format to the regular content of reviewing a binge-worthy show and covering it from start to finish.  I gained inspiration from Em Rusciano and Michael Lucas from the Emsolation podcast (love them!) as they gave their own hot take on the show Normal People. So here it is listeners, my honest review on the hot new show on Stan (Australia), Hulu (USA), or BBCThree (UK).  It has so many dynamics that you just cannot stop watching all 12 episodes!!  You will laugh, you will swoon, you will definitely cry and you'll likely want to throw any available projectile at the TV at least once or twice - but don't do it! Before the review I recap the social media connections, ask you to send me submissions for addition to future episodes and ask you to share share share!  Finally official on Google Podcasts, so we have the holy trinity of Apple, Google and Spotify hosting us!   Keep in touch and get the conversation going - how did you feel about Normal People?  Are you also in love with Connell? Instagram - Twitter - Facebook - Email: Would love to hear from you dear listeners!

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